• We will never forget!

  • IUSY condemns indiscriminate attacks against civilians from any side in strongest terms

  • Respect the Kurdish Will for Independence

We will never forget!

22nd of July 2011 was a day we will never forget. Our comrades of AUF in Norway were brutally attacked during their summer camp in Utøya where 69 activists died. They were ruthlessly attacked and murdered by racism and the hatred it brought with it. One person might have conducted the terrorist attack, but a […]

Respect the Kurdish Will for Independence

A few years ago, 2010/2011, a democratic and peaceful Middle East and North Africa seemed to be in sight. The people in the region had had enough with authoritarian regimes and went to the streets to show that peoples urge for peace, freedom and dignity would always prevail over dictators and oppressive regimes’ stranglehold over the people. The […]

Mediterranean Committee

We are happy to invite you to the Mediterranean Committee – Leadership Conference the 25th of August 2014 at the Ghajn Tuffieha Camping Site in Malta The Mediterranean Committee gathers young leaders of the IUSY member organizations in the Mediterranean with the aim to strengthen the organizations and the cooperation in the region. Together we […]

UYD on Youth Opportunities – Call for Participants

The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe is organising the 15th edition of the University on Youth and Development (UYD) on the topic of “Youth Opportunities”, in partnership with the Spanish Government (INJUVE), the European Youth Forum (YFJ), the Spanish Youth Council (CJE) and other international youth/youth serving organisation. The University will take place on 21-28 September 2014. In this […]